Format of the Courses

Each course extends for one week. This format allows to the students to organize their mobility without sacrificing their research activity at home, and leaving open the possibility to extend their stay in the host institution – assumed excellent in the specific area – to complete their research training.
The courses take 5 days, with possible home-assignments for extra-credits. The typical format of one course consists on 5 hours of lectures in the morning, and 3-4 hours of other activities in the afternoon. These activities will be concerned with exercises, reading of key papers on topical subjects, laboratory experiments (when available), panel discussions, and student presentations. The total structure thus consists on about 25 hours of lectures and 15-20 hours of other activities.
The lectures are given in part by people from the host Universities, but predominantly by speakers from the other institutions of the Consortium. The courses also include the participation of key-note speakers from industries and Universities external to the group. Each course, which foresees a written assessment test, provides to the students from 3 to 4 ECTS credits, depending on the quantity of additional home assignments.